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Brest Sightseeing Tour

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Куда едем: Брест, Минск
Продолжительность: 1
Откуда выезжаем: из Минска
Цена: 60 BYN
Дети до 12 лет: 57 BYN

This tour will start from the Railway Station, Brest. Meeting by the statue of a girl on a bench at 12.00 (if you are staying in Minsk you can get to Brest by train: e.g. at 6.50 or 7.47). Receiving of an information sheet, map of Brest. BREST SIGHTSEEING TOUR. Brest is the old city in Belarus at the border with Poland (first it was mentioned in the Primary Chronicle in 1019!), which has long and rich history: it was Brest to be given the Magdeburg Law the first of all the Belarusian towns; here in 1596 the Union of Brest was contracted, according to which the Roman-Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church were united. You will see the cultural heritage of this city, its old and modern monuments and temples, walk down its main street. Free time for lunch. 

You will visit THE BREST FORTRESS (built in 1842) which became history twice: in 1918 the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed, ending the war between Soviet Russia and Germany; here the brave soldiers hold the fort during the first days of the World War II. The memorial "Brest Hero-Fortress" includes forts, bastions, barracks and sculptural compositions. You will visit the MUSEUM OF THE FORTRESS. Transfer to the railway station at 19.00 (at 22.30 you will be in Minsk). Have a good trip!

  • Brest Sightseeing Tour
  • Brest Sightseeing Tour

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